”you now what im going to help my parents when I get older.TEN YEARS LATER!”hey mom what do you want me to make out of silver today”.”A silver cup please and make sure you make it shiny so the custumers pay more for it”.”ok”THE NEXT DAY!”hey kid did you make this”HEY im not a kid im a growin man!”Hey Austin SSSHHH thats the mayor!”oh sorry about that ok what was the one you were talking about again”.”The shiny one over there did you make it or not”.”why yes I did do you like it”.”Yes it is very good how much dose it cost”.”ok lets see mo how much dose this shiny cup cost”.”Oh let me see it cost let me count 1+2+3+4+5=15 it is fifteen dollors”.”Ok so it cost 15 dollors”.”Oh oh my gosh that is expenceve but i can pay for it”.”thank you so much we really apreshate it”.”yourwelcome heres the money and i’ll be off”.”ok have a good day”.” Ok you to”.” i will”. THE NEXT DAY.TO BE COTENUED


The Homecoming parade wasa fun event. there was a lot of candy and there was a petting zoo too. there were bounce houses and a pony ride.there was a little bit of a competition  for the the end i went to my friends house and we sweat to DEATH.


9-11 Reflection

On 9-11 4 big planes took of to fly.The first two planes that took of got hijacked by terrorist.Sadly both Twin towers got hit.there was a giant fireball at the top.Another plane got hijacked by terrorist and that plane hit the pentagon.There is one more plane and luckily we had some very brave citizens to take back the plane from the hijackers.The last plane went down in a pincalvanya field

Life in fifth grade

My year has been great. p.e. is fun music has not been very fun.Mrs.headley has too.Tech lab has been fun too.

my classes have been fun too.Mr.mac is super awesome and the science too.I have 5 classes nad we move faster than the flash.

I love fifth grade and im going to have a great year.


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