Mrs larue

when i found Ike he was on the side of the rode in a box.

the next day i got him groummed him then i took him

to my house but he was so bad i had to send him to

obendience school. when he got there he was sending

me letters and he made it sound worse than it realy was.

then he ran away from th e school.

Stan Lee

Stan Lee was a comic book writer. Editor,and a publisher.

He was executive vice president and publisher. The marvel

comics. Stan Lee was born in new¬† york city.Part of Stan Lee’s

childhood  was spent in the great depretion.When he grew up

he allso put some more AVENGERS on the line.Such as Spider

Man,the X-Men ,the Amazing Hulk and Asgards Savyor the

Amazing THOR!!!!!!!!!

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Dueling Mandates in Yellowstone

How to prtect the cutthrought from going exstinked.Gillet some,not all the lake trout to reduce cost.

The soultion of the PROS are that the cutthrought will not die as much and the things that depend on

the cutthrought will not die auftin. Since they gilleted some the cutthrought have room to breed.

The bad things to the CONS are, the lake trout could still go exstink even though they still breed they can

go exstink. If they gillet to much they will start to die and then they will go exstink. If they gillet to less

the cutthrought could overpoulate again and then the cost will go up agian.

Women in the Revalution

Deborah Samson is a good and thoughtful person. Because she wanted to be a soider .But cause the head of command said she cant join cause she is a girl .So she took things into her own hands. She discised her self as a man and changed her name to Robert Shirtliff. She got in because she did that. But when the war started she got injured .After that the the men took her to the nurse.When the nurse went to check on someone else she ran away. Because she could have got cot or worse. After that she went to another war and could not fight.Finaly she went back to her familly and she never went back.

MLK Servise

We should have a day on because Marten Luther King never stoped working.Did Marten ever take a day of helping us NO. he did not.So i think we should do what he did and learn mire and lets do it at school.MLK day is the best day when you are in school.On MLK i helped my friend take out the trash.The other thing i did was help my mom make dinner .after dinner we hekped my mom give my little brother a bath.then we played with him until he had to go to bed.after that I helped my mom clean up my brothers toys.then after that I helped her clean the dishes.That is why I think we should go to school on MLK.

Midninhgt Ride

M ission impossable but not for these three men they were succseceful to tell everyone.

I nto the ninhgt to save the day PAUL REVER and his FRIENDS save the day

D own to lexington to help these people today.

N ear the church there were two lanterns they ment ” ONE IF dy LAND , TWO IF DY SEA.

I n total braveness they helped out.

G oing to lexinhton to stop a great war.

H e went to many towns to tell people about the red coats.

T he minutmen are norrmal people but,when they are needed they are ready in around one minut.



R arely you see people like these,Paul Rever,William Daws,Sammul Prescot.

I nstead of being a stand by they went to the danger.

D ay 18th of april ,1775 three men set off on a mission to succses.

E arly that morning the three men stood there and they had nothing to be afraid of.





”you now what im going to help my parents when I get older.TEN YEARS LATER!”hey mom what do you want me to make out of silver today”.”A silver cup please and make sure you make it shiny so the custumers pay more for it”.”ok”THE NEXT DAY!”hey kid did you make this”HEY im not a kid im a growin man!”Hey Austin SSSHHH thats the mayor!”oh sorry about that ok what was the one you were talking about again”.”The shiny one over there did you make it or not”.”why yes I did do you like it”.”Yes it is very good how much dose it cost”.”ok lets see mo how much dose this shiny cup cost”.”Oh let me see it cost let me count 1+2+3+4+5=15 it is fifteen dollors”.”Ok so it cost 15 dollors”.”Oh oh my gosh that is expenceve but i can pay for it”.”thank you so much we really apreshate it”.”yourwelcome heres the money and i’ll be off”.”ok have a good day”.” Ok you to”.” i will”. THE NEXT DAY.TO BE COTENUED

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