Midninhgt Ride

M ission impossable but not for these three men they were succseceful to tell everyone.

I nto the ninhgt to save the day PAUL REVER and his FRIENDS save the day

D own to lexington to help these people today.

N ear the church there were two lanterns they ment ” ONE IF dy LAND , TWO IF DY SEA.

I n total braveness they helped out.

G oing to lexinhton to stop a great war.

H e went to many towns to tell people about the red coats.

T he minutmen are norrmal people but,when they are needed they are ready in around one minut.



R arely you see people like these,Paul Rever,William Daws,Sammul Prescot.

I nstead of being a stand by they went to the danger.

D ay 18th of april ,1775 three men set off on a mission to succses.

E arly that morning the three men stood there and they had nothing to be afraid of.




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